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PROTEAN 3H1 Grease TF3005


High Performance Direct Contact Grease

PROTEAN 3H1 Grease is a NSF: 3H/H1, non-toxic, multi-purpose grease offering enhanced anti-wear performance for prolonged component life.

PROTEAN 3H1 Grease prevents food products from adhering to surfaces during processing and is suitable for most applications where direct food contact is inevitable.

Halal/Kosher Certified.


  • NSF: 3H registered (release agent for direct contact with food)
  • NSF: H1 registered (lubricant with incidental food contact - for use in and around food processing areas)
  • Ideal for bearings / blades / guides / seals and other sliding surfaces
  • Exhibits superior EP performance with a 4-ball weld load of 400kg
  • Excellent lubrication performance and enhanced oxidative stability for both extending lubrication intervals and reducing lubricant usage
  • Improved anti-wear performance helps prolong component life
  • Good sealing properties protect against unwanted corrosive contaminants
  • Wide temperature resistance of -30°C to +120°C

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