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TYGRIS OneWipe™ HW101

110 wipes

Developed to Clean Tough Stuff

TYGRIS OneWipe™ has been specifically developed for use by professionals in all trades. These large, strong and absorbent wipes contain a powerful heavy-duty hand cleaner which is proven to remove tough stuff whilst remaining safe for use on hands. OneWipe™ contains an aloe vera based moisturiser which conditions the skin and helps prevent dryness and cracking. No rinsing of hands is required, making OneWipe™ not only a safe hand wipe but also an everyday essential for professionals in all trades!

OneWipe™ is very effective for the fast removal of contaminants such as dirt, grease and grime, oil, ink and petrol from hands, tools and surfaces.

OneWipe™ will even clean up adhesive, bitumen, epoxies, expanding foam, jointing compound, mastic, paint, polyurethane, polyester fillers, sealants, silicones and many other wet and semi-cured substances.



  • 110 large - strong - absorbent wipes in every TYGRIS tub
  • foil sealed for freshness
  • specially formulated to remove common contaminants found in most trades and industries
  • contains aloe vera to condition the skin
  • anti-bacterial by design
  • 2 yr shelf life

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Hi Adrian,

Hope you are well.

You will be pleased to hear I tried your one wipes at home & they are fantastic! My kitchen floors & doors are sparkling white!



Hello Sales

I would like to thank you for the free sample wipes that you sent for me to trial. I have used them and I am very impressed with them so far –I will certainly re-order when the time arises.

Please would you consider sending a sample to my brothers business? He is a joinery and tiling contractor and is always telling me just how difficult it is to remove some of the adhesives that he uses. I am sure that he also would become a customer.



Tygris Industrial Wipes – One Wipe & Engineers Wipe

An independent review by Peter Brett in the ToolBusiness + Hire - Issue number 212.


Safe and Soft Cleaning for Industrial Hands

I remember helping my dad service the car, in the days when you didn’t need a
computer to do it, and one of the things we did after we had finished was to
clean our hands in petrol. I remember the dry feeling of my skin afterwards but
the petrol cleaner wasn’t half effective! Trouble was, it wasn’t safe on many
levels, and it is rare these days to see a motor engineer who doesn’t wear
disposable gloves for most jobs. In fact, even the plumber I worked on site
with a couple of weeks ago wore blue disposable gloves most of the time.

So, the point is made. Hand cleaning and protection is as important these days
as wearing safety glasses, ear defenders and dust masks, because our skin is
just as vulnerable to damage from some of the things we use in the trades and
at home.

Of course, what for some is a hygienic and safety necessity is a business
opportunity for others, and I couldn’t help noticing at last month’s Sandown
Tool Fair that there were a number of companies offering cleaning products to
the trades. Tygris Industrial based in Scotland and Wales, is one of the
companies with a wide range of safety and cleaning products and I was sent a
couple of products to try out.

For some products, the packaging is disposed of soon after purchase, but for
most cleaning products, the packaging is part of the product because it is
required not only to dispense the wipes or cleaners, but is expected to
maintain them in a neat condition ready to dispense at the pull of a corner. If
the packaging doesn’t do this reliably, then customers will soon be lost. You
simply can’t afford to waste half a container of cleaners. In effect, I had to
test the packaging as well as the cleaning products.

The other key concern is that the cleaners should be effective and safe and
maintain their dampness long enough to do their job before they are disposed of
easily. No room for toxic waste disposal rules here. 

The first product I looked at was the Tygris One Wipe. According to the blurb
on the package, One Wipes will even clean silicones and sealants, grease and
oil, expanding foam, paints and epoxies and many adhesives. I have had dealings
with builders’ adhesives and especially expanding foam in the past and had
found them almost impossible to remove easily. Once or twice I have had to resort
to washing my hands in white spirit – hopefully not as bad as petrol, but not
really safe I am sure. To me, it seemed like a big set of claims to make, so I
was keen to try the One Wipes Out.

But first, you have to access the One Wipes and the design of the tubs was
actually very good. They are made of soft flexible black plastic of the type
that doesn’t shatter or split easily if it is dropped or deformed. To access
the wipes for the first time, you have to lift off the lid and tear off the
vacuum-sealed foil lid. This reveals the roll of wipes in the container. Then
you have to find the middle one, pull it up quite a way and feed it through the
pop up lid on the top, before clicking the lid back into place on top of the
container. From here on, once you pull out a One Wipe, the next one should be
automatically pulled up ready to be dispensed. I didn’t want to waste any time just
testing this, but in the container and a half of wipes that I used, they never
failed to dispense properly. 

I regard expanding foam and builders’ adhesives as the ultimate test in
cleaning so I tried the One Wipes on both of these. Normally, I get so
frustrated with trying to get my hands clean of these that I resort to
solvents. I wouldn’t say that the results of using the One Wipes was immediate
because the builders’ adhesive clung on to my hand in globs and looked like it
was going nowhere despite the One Wipes. But after about five minutes or so I
found I was able to pick off the globs and peel away strips of glue that were
unable to cling to my skin due to the oiliness of the lanolin in the One Wipes.
By rubbing my hands together, the slight friction of the action gathered all
the globs and they literally fell off. I had a similar experience with the
expanding foam on my hands. 

As for oil and general greasy stuff, the plumber and the kitchen fitter I was
working with and I, all found that our hands were cleaned very easily of the
majority of the greasy stuff and all that was needed to finish off completely
was a bit of hot water and soap in the kitchen sink. The slightly oily feeling
left on the hands is a lot better than the dry-skin feeling left by a solvent. 

The Engineers’ Dual-Textured Wipes sent for trial came in a large bucket
because they are a lot larger than the One Wipes.  Slightly smaller than a
single sheet of kitchen roll, they are ideally sized for wiping oily hands
clean. They have a smooth texture on one side and a rougher texture on the
other that can be used to gently scour grease and other stuff off the hands.
They do have quite a strong perfume that is associated with the cleaning liquid
impregnated into the wipes, but this very quickly evaporates and leaves the
hands feeling gently lubricated – and more to the point – clean. 

Again, the packaging is a major part of the product as this has to protect the
wipes from drying out as well as dispense the wipes as needed. In truth I would
have liked a slightly bigger cap on the top of the tub to cover the larger area
and size of the Engineers’ Wipes waiting to be dispensed, but there is no doubt
that they were an effective and easily available cleaning tool for the
designated trades. 

The trouble with new products that you haven’t used before is that once you
have used them and they are effective, they fill a niche and you end up having
to buy them again. But my hands were generally cleaner and less trade-looking
after a week on site, so I guess they worked.