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Nickel Anti-Seize Compound - 500gm TG8005


Specialist anti-seize lubricant for extreme environments

Tygris TG8005 is a premium quality anti-seize compound containing Nickel. Specially developed to reduce corrosion and seizure on applications requiring low sulphur, chlorine, and fluorine levels, such as on nimonic, stainless steel and silver coated components. Tygris TG8005 is also formulated to be used in extremely high temperatures, up to 1420°C.Tygris TG8005 is excellent for the protection of threaded connections, exposed surfaces and flanges.


  • Prevents seizing and galling during assembly and therefore reduces assembly time
  • Enables the easy dismantling of components subjected to extremely high temperatures
  • Chemically inert thus provides an effective anti-seize in saturated chemical environments
  • Enables fast and easy dismantling of components allowing them to be reused

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