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Calcium Sulphonate Grease - 400g TG9804


Extremely stable, water resistant lubricant

Superior grade, calcium sulphonate complex-based lubricant, fortified with high performance extreme pressure (EP) and antiwear (AW) additives for enhanced boundary lubrication.   Suitable for use in all types of anti-friction and plain bearings, as well as sliding surfaces.

Commonly used in steel mills, mining, marine, wind turbines and power generation, off-road construction industries


  • Mechanically stable - offering significant improvement in performance and bearing life and helping extend lubrication intervals
  • Effective corrosion prevention. Water and salt water resistant (<1% water washout)
  • Exceptional load carrying capacity with a four ball weld load of 700kg
  • Highly versatile lubricant - suitable for a wide range of applications across many industries
  • Ask us about our advanced range of PROTEAN food-grade calcium sulphonate lubricants!

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