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Synthetic Chain Lubricant NSF IS77


High and low temperature chain lubricant. Nonfood Compounds Program Listed H1 Registration Number: 122840

Tygris IS77 is a highly effective clear lubricant used in the food processing industry where a tenacious non-fling product is to be used in both high and low temperature situations, actively extending chain life by excluding moisture and protecting from corrosion.Resistant to water wash off and acids, it has been specially formulated for use on slow and fast moving chains.

Download NSF Letter of Registration here


  • For use on conveyor - drive and forklift chains
  • High resistance to throw off
  • Clear non marking lubricant
  • Outstanding lubrication under dynamic conditions
  • Excellent resistance to water and acids
  • Working temperature from -30°C to 240°C
  • Resists and prevents corrosion

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Just thought you would like to know that I am very impressed with the Tygris product range. In particular I always recommend your Synthetic Food safe chain lube. I have today passed on your details to one of my customers, XXXXXXXXXX in Chapletown Sheffield, I believe they have placed an order with you. I also recommended this product to XXXXXXXXXX in Wales, and introduced theTygris range to our company XXXXXXXXXXXX, Dewsbury.

We supply heat shrink Tunnels and the food grade products are ideal as they don't leave any white residue like other FG Lubricants.