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4 Life Guarantee

TYGRIS – “It’s all about product effectiveness and 100% user satisfaction”

It’s guaranteed! Why? Because product effectiveness is your number 1 purchasing criteria.

Recent engagement with Industrial users showed that their main purchasing criteria is product effectiveness. TYGRIS are committed to delivering products that meet this expectation every time.

TYGRIS offer all users the 4 Life Guarantee. It’s simple – 100% satisfaction or replacement. Look out for the 4 Life Guarantee logo... the mark of Quality Assurance printed on all TYGRIS packaging.

TYGRIS Quality

All TYGRIS products go through a stringent quality assurance process to maintain a consistent and reliable supply. Our ISO 9001 : 2008 accreditation ensures that all procedures are carried out to recognised standards.

TYGRIS and Regulations

Product conformance and legislation is continually checked, implemented and adhered to, ensuring TYGRIS only supplies customers with products that are both safe and legal. Coshh and technical data is available and updated regularly on all products.

TYGRIS and the Environment

Environmental standards are highly respected. Many TYGRIS products are manufactured to ISO 14001 : 2004 accredited procedures minimising impact to the environment throughout production processes.